Bechem Berugear HV 20

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Bechem berugear HV 10 is a special lubricant used for lubrication of open gear systems used in industries such as Cement industry, Thermal power plants.

Bechem Berugear HV 20

Examples of Application
– Open gear drives of rotary kilns, ball mills, rod mills, autogenous mills, dryers and mixing drums
– Large slow running gearboxes and journal bearings for instance in the sugar industry

– Excellent wear protection due to formation of an extreme thick lubricating film
– Very high load carrying capacity due to a special high performance additive combination
– Extreme high adhesive power on metal surfaces
– noise and vibration reducing properties results from the high lubricating film thickness
– Reduced consumption rate in comparison to conventional graphite based open gear lubricants possible
– Free of bituminous substances and toxic heavy metals

Instructions for use
– For application by immersion, paddle wheel or spray systems
– Temperature limit for application by spray systems without additional heating system
+20 ° C to +10 ° C depending on type and design of spray system

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