Lubricant for thermal power plants

25 April, 2020

Lubricants account for a very low proportion of the production costs of thermal power plants, but it is of certain importance. A basic understanding of lubrication products is necessary for factory operators, which contributes to sustainable benefits for the business.
Dong A Petroleum Co., Ltd – Importer and distributor of lubricants of ICL-IP (Fyrquel), Lanxess (ReolubeTurbofluid), Shell, Bechem, EA Lubricant … in Vietnam understand that importance. , we always strive to provide our customers with the right lubrication solutions and products.
Dong A Petroleum Co., Ltd. cooperates with the technical experts of the world’s leading manufacturers to organize seminars at Power Generation Corporation 1 to give users a specific view on lubricant and specific service conditions.

The purpose of this seminar is not only to improve knowledge of lubricant use for home users, but also to be an exchange session to provide suitable lubrication solutions in field conditions.

After a presentation by the lubricant technical experts, we had a successful exchange. We, together with the officers of Power Generation Corporation 1, have come up with the appropriate lubrication solutions at the Plant, together to solve problems in the field.

The workshop has been a great success, contributing to bringing sustainable values ​​to businesses during the actual operation of the plant site.